Thursday, November 5, 2009

New BLOG address


Where have you been?? I hear you cry!! Apart from having an extremely busy Sept & Oct of beautiful Weddings & a trip back home to see the family, I also have launched my new BLOG...

Come on over and check it out. Everything from this BLOG plus new goodies, are over at my new AWESOME NEW sure and update your bookmarks. The new blog is also a sneak peak at my new website design and rename...COMING SOON!!

I LOVE LOVE my new blog, huge images, cool design and a super easy way to leave comments when you stop by, be sure and leave some comments, I would love to hear from you :)

Thanks so much for stopping by

Kirsty xo

Monday, September 28, 2009

Carlos loves Merlinda

Carlos & Merlinda are tying the knot next month in San Francisco. After a rainy day rescheduled our engagement session a few weeks back, fate sent us a beautiful sunny day yesterday for their session. Carlos first set eyes on his beautiful Bride to be many years ago while working on his car. So I thought it would be fun to incorporate their HAWT! car into our session.

What a pleasure to hang out with you guys, super cute together and a real honor to photograph, cant wait till your wedding day!

Congrats Guys

Kirsty xo

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sneak Peak

Wow!! has it been that long! August has been a crazy month, lots of things going on both personal and professional and my poor blog has been neglected but for GOOD REASON!!!

NEW WEBSITE, NEW BLOG AND NEW BRANDING COMING SOON! August has been a fun month filled with album designs, new website layout, new logo, and a few open saturdays to spend with my hubby before he doesn't see me till the end of Sept and October calendar is jam packed with some AWESOME COUPLES!! so watch this space, I cant wait to share!

Amidst the madness, the beautiful Judy and Chip tied the knot last weekend at Nieman Marcus, who knew, they hosted weddings right?!! They offer ceremonies and receptions in their stunning rotunda restaurant on the top floor amazing spot for an intimate ceremony and amazing dinner!! AND we were free to shoot anywhere in the store! I had alot of fun in the make up department ;) but for now here is a sneak peak of Judy and Chip.

Judy looked absolutely breathtaking, more to come soon on the NEW FABULOUS BLOG!!

Kirsty xo

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Natasha and Nate, Quail Lodge, Carmel

Jake and I headed down to the beautiful Quail Meadows in Carmel, July 11th for Natasha and Nate's BIG DAY!!! This was the first time we had been to Quail Lodge, absolutely stunning location for Natasha and Nate's intimate wedding ceremony and reception. A photographers dream place for a wedding, stunning backdrops and lots of wildlife, not to mention a hot couple :)

Natasha looked absolutely stunning and all the little details were beautiful, from the flowers to the super cute little flower girl (Nate's niece)

We had so much fun photographing this lovely couple, complete naturals in front of the camera and an absolute pleasure to be around. It was a tough job picking favorites for the blog, there are so many!!!

Congratulations Guys, we hope your honeymoon to Australia was amazing!!

Kirsty & Jake

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

C is for Caroline

Welcome Baby Caroline, Jessica and Will's first born. Isn't she just adorable. Caroline was born June 11th, so she is still shiny and new :)

I had the pleasure of photographing Will's brothers wedding in Arizona earlier this year and got to meet Caroline before she was born, Mommy was a bridemaid and just looked stunning!

It was so nice when Jessica got in touch after Caroline arrived to book a portrait session for her. What a cutie!

Here are some of my faves from their session :) the top image being my absolute fave, smiley little lady :)

Enjoy! and congratulations guys


How cute is this!!

and this!

Exhausted from all that modelling

Monday, August 3, 2009

P is for 'Phoenix'

Yesterday was baby lady day! I had two super cutie sessions yesterday, wee Caroline who I will be posting piccys of real soon! only 6 weeks old, total heartbreaker! and my good friend Linh's little lady Phoenix yesterday afternoon......I photographed her son, Quyhn when he was a bubba too and they are so alike! She is so smiley, I love visiting her for cuddles. Her first noooooooody shoot too, go girl, how cute is she!!! I can totally see her advertising lolly pops rattles :) As you can see we had lots of fun with wardrobe changes :)

Thanks for pro-creating beauties Linh and Paul :D


Kirsty xo

I love this one as we lose the pillow from under her :) peekaboo!

How can you not love this smile!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Aloha! Maui Travel Pictures

Keawakapu Beach, South Kihei

My husband and I managed to sneak a much needed week away to Maui, in fact we are still here. Blogging on vacation? get to the beach girlfriend! I hear you cry.....I'm trying to maintain some self control from the sun-lounger as my skin screams out for aloe vera gel, so here we are, that along with the hawaiian insomnia and the 3am wake up call this morning to see the sunrise from 10,000 feet.

Head bursting, nauseating AWESOMENESS was sunrise at the Haleakala Crater this morning. I'm not kidding, it was BALTIC up there, being from Scotland, we thought, it cant be that cold! 'Maui Revealed' tells you to wear all the clothes you've packed, and er the rest! They forgot the paragraph that should state 'before you fly out, be sure and pack a fur coat (fake naturally), some padded gloves, ear muffs, ten layers, long johns and eskimo boots. Not to mention a tea cosy for your head' 7 Layers, and our rental cars sexy surf seat cover for wind protection, we braved the Crater....I managed to take a few sunrise shots and crowd pics, evidence of the weather, before sitting doubled over on a rock trying not to throw up from the temperature and altitude nausea not to the mention the loss usage of my hands due to frostbite. Back to car, I ran for a quick heat blast then for 'the love of photography' dragged myself back out to the viewpoint for some insanely awesome shots.

Was the 3am wake up, the 2 hour drive up a dark, wet and windy windy road worth it, ABSOLUTELY!!!

Stephen (my hubby) is mesmerized by the HD Video my sexy new 5D Mark II has to offer, so we have some shaky windy visuals also of the Crater and the sunrise. Which he is excited to edit together :) watch this space.

Soul's cleansed, here are some of my fave pictures from our 'crack of dawn' photo shoot. I have also included a shot of the beautiful beach our condo looks out onto (just to make you jealous, cruel I know ;) and the 'Sugar Factory' that place and its smoke madness, fascinates me so naturally I had to nerd out and take all sorts of arty shots of the smokes :) 'still pondering how environmentally friendly this sugar business is? ;)


Kirsty xo

Oh hello! eyeing up our seat cover coats perhaps? ;)

evidence of how cold it was, these peeps didnt show face until they heard some oooh and aaaa's from the was that cold! and yes there is a human at the bottom, its not a fold up paddling pool :P

braving the weather!

one of the first peeks of the sun :) squeal!

this is what I envision heaven to look like :)

Hubby taking in the view

Arg! the mighty Crater

This landscape reminds me of home :(

The 'Sugar Factory'

Smoke Madness

more smoke madness